Gidi Words


Gidi Words is a game of Guessing Gidi Words (which consists of Nigerian public figures, cultural and geographical locations) while avoiding mentioning the forbidden words.

Gidi Words is played by four players or more. The game starts by dividing players into 2 different teams, and then each team tries to get members of their team to guess as many Gidi Words as possible within a minute, without mentioning the Forbidden Words.

Note: A Caution fee of N1500 is added to the game rental fee. It’s 100% refundable.

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The Gidi Word is the Word or Phrase on top of the card, while the 5 words below the Gidi Word are the Forbidden Words.

You’re not expected to know every Gidi Word in the game, which gives you the opportunity to learn and familiarize yourself with more learnings about Nigeria.

It’s great for get-togethers, fun for the family over the weekend, game nights, etc.


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