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  A Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy And Essential Oils.

A Word From The Author

From a young age, I was always interested in medicine, but I especially hated the smell of medication. Discovering Aromatherapy, which is “great smelling” medicine was a game changer for me as my interest in medicine piqued again. Aromatherapy for me has been a way to get medication without the harmful side effect of so many drugs. As we journey through this book together, I hope you see essential oils and aromatherapy in a new light. The information in this book is solely for informational purposes, not as a medical instruction to replace the advice of your physician or as a replacement for any treatment prescribed by your physician.

Simisola Akinseye
Entrepreneur and Writer

About the Book

Embark on an aromatic journey with ‘The Scented Path,’ an illuminating exploration into the world of aromatherapy and essential oils. Delve into the profound insights of 20 foundational essential oils, uncovering their therapeutic marvels and versatile alternatives. Immerse yourself in a treasury of up to 30 carefully crafted aromatherapy recipes, thoughtfully designed for seamless integration into your daily routine. Elevate your well-being as you follow this fragrant guide, discovering the transformative power of nature’s essence.

What Readers Are Saying

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I used the face wash recipe, and I must say that the condition of my face has undergone a remarkable transformation. I’ve witnessed a substantial reduction in acne, and my complexion has become significantly brighter and smoother. This face wash recipe is truly a game-changer

Miss Aderinsola

My daughter gifted me the arthritis pain blend cream. Despite not having arthritis, I’ve always suffered from back pain. Using the cream nightly has gradually relieved my pain. I shared it with my sister, who also found relief. I cherish the cream and guard it closely

Mrs Segun-lawal

After enduring immense stress that kept me awake due to pain, I was introduced to the fever reducer blend. The soothing aroma accompanied a restful sleep, and I slumbered peacefully, akin to a contented infant.

Mr. Ayoko Gbenga

I purchased the oil as a Valentine’s gift for my wife, and its use has brought about remarkable changes in our love life and affections. The romantic transformation it has sparked is truly amazing, and we’re both incredibly grateful for the renewed connection it has kindled between us.

Mr. & Mrs. Olushola

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