Family feud


Gather your friends and family to play the Classic Family Feud 5th Edition.

Enjoy this game at home with the kids, and battle it out to see who reigns supreme.

The game comes with a scoreboard, a strike indicator and 3 “X” markers.

The game also includes a wipe-off marker and an instructions/survey questions booklet with all the survey questions and answers.

The Family Feud Game is sure to provide hours of family entertainment

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Features & Gameplay

How much allowance should a 10-year-old get each week?

What ingredient might a recipe call for a pinch’ of?

Name a major league football or baseball team named after an animal.

Based on the popular TV game show, this board game quizzes participants on their ability to give the most popular responses to a variety of questions.

With a Bullseye round, Face-Off, The Feud.



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