Jollof Wars


The West African Party Game!

Your favourite game formats and words that represent you in one game!!

In the box: over 450 words, a sand timer, a game guide and a mini West African overview.

The goal is to get your team to say the word on the card. Sixty-second rounds require quick thinking.

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Game Play:

Choose a colour to play and flip the cards so that the colour you have chosen faces down. The colour you choose to play determines how you will play the game:

  • Red: Describe the word by using 1 word and gestures (how will you describe Shaku Shaku?)
  • White: Describe the word by using no more than 5 words (how will you describe Kofi Annan?)
  • Green: Describe the word by explaining however you would like to (how will you describe Useless?)

Yellow: Describe the word by singing or rapping (how will you describe Akon or Makossa


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