Objective of game

To score the most points by guessing the most words correctly

Game Set-Up

4 or more players 1 Time Keeper 1 Score Keeper

Choosing Teams

Host/Organizer quietly points a finger in the air. Make sure an announcement has not been made. The first set of people to follow suit will be Team 1. The other set of people will be Team 2

AGE: 13+

Note: A caution fee of 1500 is added to the game rental

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Selecting which team goes first

Team names are HIGHLY recommended! E.g. Team A, Team Green, Team Egusi, Team Warri, Team Lasgidi, etc.

The person with the best Nigerian accent will choose which team goes first.

The first team-Team A-selects the ‘Hinter’ i.e the person giving clues, and the second team-Team B-will choose a ‘Monitor’ i.e the person who GERROUT’s the ‘Hinter’ if any word on the card is said.

Difficulty Levels

Green – Easy

Yellow – Medium

Pink – Hard


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