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N68 Pro Smartwatch

🔰 Display: 1.3 Full circle screen
🔰 Magnetic Charging
🔰 Water Resistance
🔰 Shows time, Steps, Heart Rate, Activities, Weather, Notifications from Apps, Calls and more
🔰 Support Android 4.4 upwards and Apple 8.4 above
🔰 Free gift worth 6000 for the first 10 orders only.

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Defence Bundle

🔰 Stun Gun/Taser
🔰 Pepper Spray
🔰 Personal Alarm
🔰 Order our Defence Bundle and get #3000 discount

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Portable Washing Machine

🔰 Lightweight (6Kg) and very easy to use.
🔰 Life saving. time saving, effective, efficient, portable quickuse quick use.
🔰 Ideal for Underwear, kids and baby clothes, uniforms, light clothing, delicate clothing etc.

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Gidi Words

Gidi Words is a game of Guessing (which consists of Nigerian public figures, cultural and geographical locations) while avoiding mentioning the forbidden words.the Nigerian spirit.

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Wintergreen Essential Oil.

🔰Kills harmful bacteria
🔰Reduces viral load, and boosts immunity
🔰Blocks pain signals, reduces inflammation.
🔰Targets and eliminates bacteria, and strengthens enamel

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Oil of the Month

May 2023

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil.

Cinnamon, a kitchen hero in Jollof rice, but also versatile as an essential oll. Diffusing Cinnamon Essential Oil helps to clear the upper respiratory tract.

It’s the perfect choice post-gym, offering soothing massage relief. Plus, say goodbye to wicked cramps as Cinnamon Essential Oil becomes your comforting ally in wellness.

Benefits of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil


Mood Enhancer.
Hair fullness growth
Food flavoring and cosmetic

Cinnamon in a variety of forms has been studied for its effect on infection control, blood sugar management, and other conditions.

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